The health and safety of our travellers, staff and partners continues to be our top priority. 

The following frequently asked questions may help.  We want to put your mind at ease when booking your travel with ICON Adventures. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.


Do you have a COVID Safe Plan?

We have our own COVID-Safe plan in place, which can be viewed here.  In addition, we ensure our suppliers also have COVID safe plans and protocols in place. All plans and protocols are updated prior to any of our travellers departing home.


What happens if there is another COVID-19 outbreak?

In the instance of another COVID-19 outbreak, which directly affects any travel plans, we are offering flexible options.

This flexibility will give travellers more confidence in planning and booking travel in these unpredictable times.

During a pandemic, things change quickly.  Sometimes a traveller is unable to join an ICON Adventures trip due to new or changed COVID restrictions.  These changes may have been made at a local, state or national level.  If this is the case then we will hold your booking as a full credit for future use with a window of up to two years.


What if I get COVID-19 prior to travel?

If a traveller is unable to join a trip due to a personal COVID-19 infection; whether the traveller is infected themselves or they have been ordered to self-isolate by authorities.  Then on the provision of a valid medical certificate and/or an order to self-isolate, we will issue you a full trip credit for future use or a refund.

The refund has to be subject to any local supplier cancellation charges ICON Adventures has incurred on your behalf.

In that instance, you could elect for a refund minus any non-recoverable costs from suppliers or future trip credit.


When do you think we’ll be able to travel overseas from Australia again?

We continue to monitor the situation through many avenues.  Be rest assured there are many organisations doing their best to open up borders when it is deemed safe to do so. 

We predict that until there is a reliable vaccine there will not be open borders with the rest of the world from Australia.  We also predict that many countries, including Australia, will not make the vaccine mandatory for their citizens. However, it may be mandatory if a traveller is planning to enter or return to Australia.