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Hiking Groups Near Me.

If you’re a mad keen hiker or it’s something you’d like to try out or become more confident in, try searching Hiking Groups Near Me.  If you live around Toowoomba, hopefully, we will pop up on your screen; Happy Hikers Toowoomba.

Just about every town, city, region has hiking groups and all you need to do is find one that suits you.

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This group is run by the head honcho of ICON Adventures, Suzanne Holden, just because she’s got this thing for hiking, travel, getting out in nature etc and wants to take you along too.

As a bit of a giveaway, when you enter your details you can grab our ‘Buying Hiking Boots/Shoes Check List’.

FYI, your email address (and identity) is safe with us, we won’t pass it on or sell it on the black market. But we will use it to tell you about upcoming hikes and you’ll get first dibs when we have to limit numbers. We’ll also keep you in the loop each month with travel events from ICON Adventures.

Happy Hikers - Toowoomba