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ICON Adventures, from the outset, had a close affinity with Ethiopia. It seemed natural that the inspiration for our logo came from there too.

Suzanne Holden

It all starts with an idea

In 2005 Australian Adventurers Chris Ramsey and James Holden travelled around Ethiopia with no other plan other than to discover more about the country.

They were amazed by all they saw and experienced.  On their return to Australia, a crude plan was hatched; Ethiopia’s fledgling tourism industry needed a jolt-along with some adventurous Aussies!

In 2006, 16 crazy mates, friends-of-friends, neighbours, acquaintances and ring-ins, jumped on a plane, under the guidance of Chris and James. They headed high into the Simien Mountains for a multi-day trek.  This was followed by a cultural tour of some of the significant and iconic sites within the country. 

One of the places they visited was Gondar.

stone church with wooden doors

A Modest Church

Gondar is in the north of the country not far from the Simien Mountains.  It was once the capital of Ethiopia. It has a rich history with its own palace compound with an immense 17th-century castle, once the seat of Ethiopian emperors.

In addition to the castle another place to visit in Gondar is this small building; Debre Birhan Selassie Church. It is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is claimed this church was nearly destroyed in 1880, by the Sudanese Dervishes (yes dervishes, as in whirling dancing), but was saved by a large swarm of bees which chased the invaders away.

Or so legend has it.

Brightly painted walls and ceiling in an old church

The Artwork


From the outside, the structure looks modestly built, but inside it has the most exquisite traditional artwork from floor to ceiling.

On entry to the church, regardless of your beliefs, you will be in awe of your surroundings. 

The walls depict different biblical stories. The ceiling is painted with row upon row of faces of angels looking down on the people below. This is said to represent the omnipresence of God.

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It is the repeated pattern and earthy colours of this Iconic Ethiopian artwork that our graphic designer focused on as the inspiration behind our logo.

Traditional Ethiopian Artwork