The Environment

Tourism research shows that travellers of the future will be looking for and will prefer to book with operators who show that they care for the environment.

And this, good friends, makes us very happy!

Here at ICON Adventures environmental conservation is a central philosophy of our business. At home and around the globe, our team receives ongoing training to ensure high levels of environmental care. From educating local guides to packing-out rubbish, our aim is to minimise the environmental impact of your visit.

We want to encourage our travellers to do the same. 

  • Here are our top ten tips to be a more sustainable traveller:
  • 1. Just Say NO . . . to plastic bagsTake a re-usable bag with you everywhere, be it grandma’s old string bag or a home-made calico job, no judgements, and a big tick for doing the right thing.
  • 2. Don't Bottle UpPlease don't keep buying bottled water in places wear tap water is drinkable. Admittedly when travelling in many countries bottled water is necessary if you can’t boil or chemically treat local water, but we can be more mindful. Always travel with a refillable water bottle and buy bulk water containers and share with others in your group. Not only is it more environmentally friendly it’s actually cheaper per litre.
  • 3. Accommodation RulesBe more efficient - avoiding long showers, turn off lights and unplugging electronics, heating or air-conditioning whenever you leave the room. And, please, don’t ask for clean towels every day.
  • 4. Go PublicReduce your carbon footprint by travelling on public transport, by bike or foot instead of a private car to minimise your environmental impact. It’s a great way of meeting the locals too.
  • 5. Leave it BehindEvery kilo counts when flying. The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. Pack only what you need - the environment will thank you. So will your friends who have to stand waiting for you to catch up with your enormous suitcase . . . Julie!
  • 6. Near Beer Right HereOrder a locally brewed beer you’ll be surprised how good they are, but wait, there’s more . . . your drink may be low-carbon (but not low-carb) by cutting down on 'beer mileage.' Let your taste buds be as adventurous as you!
  • 7. Wash CleanlyAvoid using the hotel supplied single use tiny plastic toiletry bottles. Take your own larger bottles from home filled with your favourite eco-friendly products. Also, you could leave a review for the hotel and mention that you prefer they don’t supply single use shampoos etc and suggest they move to bulk supplies.
  • 8. Stay on TrackWhen hiking, always stay on marked trails. Going off the beaten path could mean you trample on protected or endangered species.
  • 9. Gotta FlyFlying is sometime an unavoidable part of life, whether it be part of your job or holiday. The good news is you can easily offset your carbon emissions from flying by connecting with businesses like Greenfleet Australia. Their vision is to empower people to take tangible action to mitigate impacts of climate change.
  • 10. Size is ImportantSmaller groups tend to have less of an environmental impact, so travel with a small group tour operator that's environmentally responsible. Before you book, ask what size the group will be. While you've got their attention, why not also ask how the operator gives back to the community you'll be visiting.