Live to Travel, Travel to Give

Have you found that travel is really about connections? It is more than just seeing or even doing what’s on a bucket list.  It can be more than ticking the ‘been-there, done-that’ boxes. 

Why not permit yourself to have a more rewarding experience through the connections you make on your adventure.

  • You could connect with your fellow travellers through shared experiences, or
  • connect with the locals you meet along the way
  • You may find yourself having an emotional connection through learning and appreciation of what this wonderful world can offer you
  • Or connect with the natural environment and the health benefits it can offer.

Be careful though, because sometimes the connections people make are with themselves when they find they have been stretched outside of their comfort zone.

You may find, like us, those connections you have made fosters a desire to give back to the communities you have visited.  There are many ways this can be done, here are an example of a few we have been involved in;