Responsible Travel

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL is travelling with an open mind and respecting the people, culture and environment and creating economic and social benefits.

Here at ICON Adventures, we believe we have a responsibility to the environment, to the communities we visit and to our clients


Environmental conservation is a central philosophy of our business.

At home and around the globe, our team receives ongoing training to ensure high levels of environmental care, we aim to minimise the environmental impact of your visit.


We recognise that we have an opportunity to make a positive economic impact on the communities we visit. We are confident we also have a positive social impact both on the communities we visit and on our clients.

We always choose locally owned operators/suppliers which employ local people and offer fair working conditions and payment to staff.

Icon Adventures supports local community projects which promote environmental conservation, education and sustainable economic development.


We are responsible for ensuring that our clients are well prepared for their adventure and are safe while travelling.

Our comprehensive travel advice and training support is available to all clients and we are happy to answer all your questions. No question is silly.

Our guides and hosts are professional and experienced and there for you every step of the way.


Here at ICON Adventures, we would like all our clients, whether travelling independently or on our group tours, to follow these principles of responsible travel:

  1. Before departure learn about the culture of the places you are going to. Even learn a few basic words using the local language it will be appreciated (read more
  2. Treat children with the same respect as you would at home (read more)
  3. Do not participate in, or encourage animal cruelty or abuse, by supporting unethical operators (read more)
  4. Look after the environment as best you can so future generations can enjoy it just like you (read more)
  5. Your safety is important; common sense will often keep you out of danger (read more)
  6. Your local guide is there for you, they will add so much value to your trip. Treat them with the utmost respect as they are worth their weight in gold.
  7. Take lots of photos, but before taking out your camera stop and really appreciate what you see, the photo is a reminder of how you felt as well as what you saw.
  8. Live to travel, travel to give, consider supporting an organisation so your tourist dollar continues to circulate long after you have gone home (read more)
  9. Travel with an open mind and a positive attitude.  Enjoy your adventure!


To us travelling responsibly is about having a positive impact on the places we visit. 
It means being mindful of what we are doing and appreciate the effect our actions have on those around us. 
Be observant, be considerate and be respectful of the local community and their environment and help protect it for future generations.
Suzanne Holden
ICON Adventures