Greg Cawley

Wellbeing Warrior


The best thing about our team is that none of them fit in the ‘average’ box, and Greg is a fine example of this.  A Kiwi who, after qualifying as a chartered accountant had over 20 years in his own manufacturing business.  From there he took the natural leap and became a yoga instructor!  

Fast becoming a leader in an industry which is 90% led by females, he took his passion for men’s health and well-being and started the only men-only yoga school in Australia.  Greg’s focus was to provide an environment where guys could comfortably participate and enjoy the many and varied benefits of yoga without fear of judgement or concern of walking into a room full of flexible females.  And true to his non-conforming attitude he still hasn’t grown a pony-tail!  

Greg also enjoys hiking so is a natural fit with ICON Adventures as he leads our wellbeing tours for both men and women.